AirBridge is an open and customisable enterprise platform that bridges airspace stakeholders, industries and the unmanned aircraft operator community to ensure safe and efficient unmanned aircraft operations at scale.

It provides functionalities and services for drone fleet management, mission control and UAS traffic management (UTM).

AirBridge’s core was developed with support from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) under a call for proposal for the industry to develop a baseline UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system suitable for urban airspace management.

Key Features

Built to provide our customers with safe, secure and flexible solutions in an emerging and dynamic industry with evolving regulations, technologies and use cases.


Customisable to meet your current and future operational needs. AirBridge supports drone operations of varying complexities for drone operations and airspace management features for airspace stakeholders.


Developed and operated in accordance with ISO27001:2013 standard. AirBridge is inherently secure in protecting sensitive data and providing reliable, critical services.


Aligned with prevailing internationally accepted standards, e.g. ASTM, EUROCAE, RTCA, ISO, for interoperability with global technology, data and service providers.


Cloud-native platform with options for on-premise or hybrid-cloud deployment and turnkey or modular deployment options.

AirBridge UTM

AirBridge UTM is a complete and flexible UTM system that provides all aspects of UTM services that can be deployed under any UTM architecture – centralised, decentralised or hybrid – as mandated by aviation authorities. These services include:

  • Airspace Authorisation Service
  • Common Information Service
  • Constraint / Restriction Management
  • Flight Planning Service
  • Incident Reporting
  • Registration Service
  • Separation Service
  • Supplementary Data Provision
  • Tracking & Location Service

AirBridge FLEET

AirBridge FLEET provides a one-stop, end-to-end workflow for infrastructure owners to manage and oversee drone operations within premises or for commercial drone operators to manage their fleet operations.

Integrating AirBridge FLEET with drone ground control software allows for remote monitoring and tracking of drones. This integration enables operators to track the location and status of their drones in real-time remotely and manage operational workflows in compliance with UTM regulatory workflows. By using AirBridge in conjunction with the ground control software, operators and their stakeholders can more effectively and efficiently manage their drone fleet, enabling them to make better-informed decisions for BVLOS operations.

AirBridge INFO

AirBridge provides essential real-time flight information for airspace users, ground stakeholders, and the general public for safety, security and privacy management. Security personnel could ingest AirBridge INFO within their security operations centres to identify rogue or non-compliant drones. At the same time, the general public can authenticate the legality of drones operating within their vicinity through the AirBridge mobile app and report suspicious non-compliant drone operations.

AirBridge UTM

AirBridge SIM

AirBridge SIM is used in synthetic environments to model and simulate drone delivery flight optimisation across airspace and urban locations. It can be used as a tool in conjunction with other third-party modelling and simulation tools to support the development, testing and evaluation of UAS traffic management concepts, rules, as well as flight optimisation for urban air mobility (UAM) and cargo deliveries.

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