Advancing the Drone Industry – Together!

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Paving the way forward in a relatively new industry presents a multitude of challenges for businesses and organisations looking to integrate UAS technology into their operations.  In order to capitalise on the benefits of UAS technology, it is important to attain the necessary support and expertise to deploy these systems safely and effectively.

Heron AirBridge team members have decades of combined experience in complex projects involving concept development, test and evaluation, operations management, risk management, system integration and project management. Together with our cyber security teams, we provide consultancy services to support you in building capabilities, technologies and know-how to scale drone operations.

Our consultancy services cover the following areas:

  • Cyber security of drone systems
  • Regulatory advice
  • Risk and safety management
  • Operation concept development
  • Operation management
  • System integration
  • Test and evaluation
  • Training
  • UTM concept development

Global Connections

In keeping abreast of the exciting developments in the UAS industry, we are an active member or affiliated with the following organisations.

GUTMA Heron Tech

AAIS Heron Tech

AUVSI Heron Tech

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