AirBridge Solutions

Pioneering the development of UAS Traffic Management in Singapore and Asia Pacific Region

Drone Fleet and Traffic Management System

AirBridge is a versatile enterprise platform that enables safe and efficient unmanned aerial system traffic management on a large scale by connecting airspace stakeholders, industries, and unmanned aircraft operators. It can be customised to meet the unique needs of each user.

AirBridge provides a range of services and functionalities for drone fleet management, mission control, and drone traffic monitoring, allowing users to optimise their drone operations and ensure safe and efficient flights.

The Key Benefits Of AirBridge

Built to provide our customers with safe, secure and flexible solutions in an emerging and dynamic industry with evolving regulations, technologies and use cases.


Customisable to meet your current and future operational needs. AirBridge supports drone operations of varying complexities for drone operations and airspace management features for airspace stakeholders.


Developed and operated in accordance with ISO27001:2013 standard. AirBridge is inherently secure in protecting sensitive data and providing reliable, critical services.

Unmanned Aircraft Mission & Traffic Management

AirBridge UTM

A complete and flexible UTM system that provides all aspects of UTM services that can be deployed under any UTM architecture.

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AirBridge FLEET

A one-stop, end-to-end workflow solution for infrastructure owners to manage drone assets, plan and oversee drone missions.

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