AirBridge UTM

An essential role in enabling the fast-moving AAM industry

AirBridge (Unmanned Traffic Management) UTM is a complete and flexible UTM system that provides all aspects of UTM services that can be deployed under any UTM architecture – centralised, decentralised or hybrid – as mandated by aviation authorities.

Comprehensive Services For Safe Drone Operations

Airspace Authorisation

Common Information

Constraint / Restriction Management

Flight Planning

Incident Reporting



Supplementary Data Provision

UAS Traffic Management Singapore

Tracking & Location

Efficient, Adaptable, and Scalable Drone Operations Management System

Customisable Modular System

A modular system that can be configured and customised to meet diverse regulatory and operational requirements.

Trajectory-based Operations (TBO)

Efficient TBO-based flight planning, scheduling, and deconfliction for improved airspace and flight operation management.

Integrating Critical Information

Real-time location data for other transportation modes, weather conditions, and other critical information to ensure safe and efficient drone operations.

Industries And Users We Support For A Better World

UTM Air Traffic Controller

Air Navigation Service Providers

Infrastructure Owners

Defence & Security Forces