AirBridge is a versatile platform that caters to the needs of multiple users, including authorities and ANSPs, drone operators, and large infrastructure owners. With features such as real-time flight information, route optimization, and customizable solutions, AirBridge provides a comprehensive suite of services that enhance the safety, security, and efficiency of unmanned aircraft operations.

Authorities & ANSPs

Support the development of your local drone industry, safely and securely.

AirBridge UTM offers a full suite of cutting-edge technologies and services for seamless drone traffic integration and safe operations that serve industries and communities.

Authenticated Access To Airspace

Offers authenticated and equitable access to airspace, providing assurance of safety and security of air and ground assets.

Constraint Management

Enables static and dynamic airspace constraints to be designated by authorised constraint managers and broadcast.

Flight Planning And Monitoring

Offers automated flight plan deconfliction and enables monitoring of unmanned aircraft flights.

Trust And Assurance

Provides critical information and data sharing for both airspace users and ground stakeholders.

Drone Operators

Achieve efficiency in flight operations and compliance.

AirBridge FLEET provides an intuitive end-to-end solution that allows you to seamlessly manage your operational and compliance requirements on a unified platform.

Fleet Asset Management

Provides an integrated solution to manage your aircraft, pilots and other assets supporting your drone operations.

Aircraft Agnostic

Enables interoperability with drones from various operators and vendors, providing flexibility in aircraft procurement and resulting in cost-effective scalability of operations.

UTM Integration

Provides seamless compliance with UTM regulations and workflows through AirBridge UTM.

Airspace and Environmental Awareness

Offers real-time airspace information and vital data for more efficient and secure flight planning and operations.

Large Infrastructure Owners / Managers

Exploit the full potential of drone technologies safely in your own airspace.

AirBridge FLEET offers a comprehensive solution that enables simultaneous management of your micro airspace, expansion of drone operations, and support for security operations.

Micro Airspace Management

Provides authentication, authorization, planning, and monitoring services for drone operations within your airspace.

Establish Internal Flight Corridors And Restrictions

Enables the establishment and monitoring of internal flight corridors, non-fly zones or restricted areas, in permanent or temporary modes, for drone flights.

Asset Security

Identifies unauthorised or rogue drones within your airspace and adjacent airspaces, safeguarding your assets against potentially hostile drones.