Security Assessment & Testing

We uncover the vulnerabilities in your networks, applications, websites, and databases before these can be exploited by bad actors.  We are accredited by CREST and ISO9001 certified in delivering the following security assessment and testing services:

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Secure code review
  • Red teaming

We have supported customers across diverse sectors, including banking, financial & insurance services, technology, aerospace, marine offshore, legal, telecommunications in strengthening their cyber security posture in IT, IoT and OT systems.

Our assessment and testing services can be tailored to suit our customers’ environment, regulatory compliance requirements and budget, and can be delivered as project-specific or retainer services.

We are regulated as a Penetration Testing Service provider by the Singapore Cybersecurity Regulation Office and operate under license number CS/PTS/C-2022-0141.


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