Drone Services

Infrastructure Inspection

The use of drone technology for visual inspection is a cost-effective way to inspect infrastructure at heights and inaccessible areas. The use of drones offers advantages such as:

  • Quick overview and evaluation of the condition
  • Sharp and detailed images and videos of defects
  • Preventive maintenance planning and optimised production
  • Access to hard to reach areas
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced risks to human workers

We specialise in providing end-to-end inspection services using drones for the following type of infrastructure in both open and enclosed environment:

  • Building infrastructure
  • Port infrastructure
  • Road transportation infrastructure
  • Marine vessels
  • Oil & gas infrastructure
  • Water and power utilities
Drone inspection services
Aerial Survey Heron Technology

Aerial Survey

Aerial survey is a geomatics method of collecting information by using aerial photography, LiDAR or from remote sensing imagery using other bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as infrared, gamma, or ultraviolet. Aerial surveys can provide information on many things not visible from the ground.

We provide end-to-end aerial survey services for the following purposes:

  • Construction site survey
  • Land survey
  • Transportation project survey

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