Product – AirBridge

AirBridge was developed with support from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) under a call for proposal for industry to develop a baseline UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system suitable for urban airspace management

Future Airspace Drones

Addressing Challenges of Drone Operators and Airspace stakeholders

Complexity of drone operations

The increasing number of drone operations makes it complex and difficult to manage flights safely. This is especially so for operating concepts in urban space and in Advanced Air Mobility

Difficulty of realising commercial viability

The ability to scale drone operations to achieve commercial viability is hindered by a lack of well coordinated and organised operations across drone operations

Prevalence of blind spots during flight operations

Drone operators do not have access to pertinent information for safe flight operations. These include information like other ongoing drone operations and third-party assets within the flying zone

What AirBridge Has to Offer

Keep assets in the air and on the ground safe and secure

AirBridge offers authenticated access to airspace, providing assurance of safety and security of your assets

Work smarter with higher efficiency, lower costs

AirBridge offers route optimisation and automated authorisation services. It enables interoperability with drones from different operators / vendors, allowing operations to scale at lower cost

Enjoy situational awareness at a glance

Customisable to meet your operational needs. AirBridge provides operational awareness for all stakeholders. It supports drone operations of varying complexities for drone operations and airspace management features for airspace stakeholders.

One-Stop, End-to-End Workflow

AirBridge provides a one-stop, end-to-end workflow to perform oversight of drone operations within your premises, or manage the operations of your fleet of drones

Modelling for Smart Cities Planning

AirBridge has been used in synthetic environments to model and simulate drone delivery flight optimisation across Singapore’s airspace and urban hubs. It can be used as a tool in conjunction with other third-party modelling and simulation tools to support development, testing and evaluation of UAS traffic management concepts, rules as well as flight optimisation for urban air mobility (UAM) and cargo deliveries.

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