Heron Airbridge joins the SASS as its first aviation tech company member

Heron Airbridge has become a member of the Singapore Association of Shipsuppliers and Services (SASS). This marks the first time an aviation technology company has joined the ship supply trade association in Singapore.

Heron Airbridge’s membership in SASS will support the development and testing of drone technologies in maritime supply chain operations. Through its membership, Heron can work with other members to explore ways to improve efficiency and safety through drone-based solutions.

“This is the first time that we have joined the trade association of an adjacent industry. We believe that to exploit the full benefits and value of new technologies, especially robotics technologies like drones, there is a need for closer collaboration between the robotics industry and other industries. Through the SASS membership, we aim to support the maritime supply industry to transform its operations as a subject matter expert in drone regulations and operations,” said Ryan Lee, CEO of Heron Airbridge.

This move by Heron is expected to help revolutionise maritime supply chain operations and open up new opportunities for companies in Singapore and beyond. With this move, Singapore is poised to strengthen its position as an innovation hub to develop solutions for the global maritime industry.

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