Heron’s cybersecurity services and drone mission & traffic management solutions certified to ISO27001

Heron is ISO27001 certified
Heron is ISO27001 certified

Heron is proud to announce that its cybersecurity services and drone mission & traffic management solutions have been ISO27001 certified by TUV-SUD. This certification is the highest global standard for cybersecurity and ensures that our customers’ data are protected from malicious activity.

This certification also guarantees minimal business disruption in case of any security incident. Heron’s commitment to its customers’ data safety and security is one of the reasons why many companies around the world trust it. With this ISO27001 certification, Heron can assure its customers that we have implemented the necessary policies, operation processes and technologies to ensure that their data will always be secure and protected.

Sean Lee, Heron’s Director (Cyber Risk Advisory) and CISO, said, “Our team worked very hard over nearly one year to develop our Information Security Management System (ISMS), followed by reforming management practices and processes to implement the ISMS. Most importantly, we must inculcate a strong cybersecurity culture within the staff through change management and training.”

Heron is also a provider of drone mission and traffic management digital solutions. To provide these services reliably with minimal disruption, Heron continuously monitors the cyber integrity of its AirBridge mission platform. The ISO27001 certification will help ensure that the AirBridge platform is protected from any type of cyber attack or hacking attempt, including internal and external threats.

“We are very pleased to be audited and certified by TUV-SUD, a leading global audit and certification body. While we may be a small company, we are a technology company, and we must implement the right policies and processes at this stage to provide highly secure services and solutions. This ISO27001 certification attests to the integrity of our system to safeguard operations and data,” said Ryan Lee, CEO & co-founder of Heron.

For more information about ISO27001, please refer to ISO’s website.