Heron supports drone innovation in Singapore Maritime Innovation Lab 2.0

Maritime Innovation Lab 2.0 Singapore Opening by Dr Amy Khor, 25 Oct 2023

Heron Airbridge is thrilled to demonstrate the AirBridge drone traffic management system to Senior Minister of State (Transport), Dr Amy Khor at the opening of the Singapore Maritime Innovation Lab 2.0! The event was also graced by Mr Teo Eng Dih (Chief Executive, Maritime & Port Authority) and RADM Sean Watt (Chief of Navy, Republic of Singapore Navy).

As we sail into the future of maritime operations, innovation becomes not just an asset but a necessity. Our team is gearing up to support the pioneering efforts of the Maritime Innovation Lab 2.0 in expanding the use of drone-enabled technologies. The concept of the Maritime Innovation Lab 2.0 was first disclosed by Mr David Foo, Assistant Chief Executive of the Maritime & Port Authority in a Govinsider article in June 2023. Heron and MPA will be diving deep into uncharted waters, with Heron contributing our expertise to the conceptualisation and execution of a state-of-the-art maritime drone port.

Our journey ahead is not just about embracing technology; it’s about reshaping operational workflows to integrate drones into the maritime industry seamlessly and safely. With the rise of drone technology, we recognise the vast potential and challenges it brings on a global scale. This collaboration marks a significant stride towards making drone use in maritime spaces not just a novelty but a standardised, wide-scale operation.

Heron Airbridge Maritime Innovation Lab 2.0

Through this endeavour, we are committed to:

  • Developing cutting-edge, safe traffic management technologies that push boundaries, from AI-based routing and scheduling systems to advanced risk management protocols.
  • Establishing comprehensive operational workflows that prioritise safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance in drone usage.
  • Engaging in robust, cross-sector dialogue with experts, authorities, and front-runners to ensure a holistic, informed approach to drone solutions.
  • Showcasing Singapore’s leadership in maritime drone usage innovation, setting a benchmark for ports and maritime operations worldwide.

The sea represents endless possibilities, and with this initiative, we are charting a course towards a more innovative, sustainable, and efficient future for the entire maritime industry. Here’s to making waves in the marine sector, redefining its horizons, and anchoring Singapore’s position as a global maritime innovation hub!