Data Protection

Assist organisations address data management challenges

In partnership with GuardWare, we offer cost-effective solutions to protect and maintain control over all sensitive and valuable data as it flows and expands across various applications and enterprises.

How Data Protection Solutions Work

Guardware Insight enables organizations of all sizes, including SMEs, to achieve full data visibility and control through affordable and unobtrusive monitoring, ensuring compliance in three easy steps.

Guardware Assessment service will provide you with these benefits:

  • Discovers sensitive data stored in your organisation
  • Highlights risk handling of sensitive data and company IP
  • Highlights potential non-compliance to regulations and standards
  • Validates your security posture and required improvements
  • Helps quantify and direct security awareness training

The assessment usually takes 3-4 weeks according to these steps:

  1. Define data detection settings in Cloud Server
  2. Deploy GuardWare Insight assessment agent
  3. Monitor data usage and user habits

Automated Classification and Monitoring for Comprehensive Protection

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Classify Sensitive Data

Classify sensitive data automatically with accuracy and ease, using various methods such as folders, content, file type, name, and predefined templates for compliance with regulations and standards. It can identify PII, government or commercial data, tender information, intellectual property, and more.

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Provides Complete Data Movement Visibility

The system continuously monitors and tracks all movements and interactions of sensitive data across all communication channels. It uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect potential risks and unauthorized access to sensitive information.

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Alerts When at Risk

Provides detailed reports on potential data risks, including information on who accessed the sensitive data, the actions that were performed on it, how it was shared, and alerts in the event of a breach. The system’s content-level monitoring feature ensures that there is clear evidential proof available, which can facilitate an investigation.