Insider Threat Management

Detect and Stop Security Threats within Your Organisation

Our partnership with Proofpoint enables us to empower security teams to efficiently manage insider threat risks and incidents. Proofpoint’s Insider Threat Management (ITM) platform is a top-tier solution that focuses on people-centric threat management, detecting data breaches initiated by insiders and correlating data movement and activity. With its advanced intelligence engine and a vast library of over 400 threat templates drawn from 1200 customers, Proofpoint ITM ensures a rapid response and streamlined management of insider threats for our clients.

Insider Threat Management Solution – Scalable, Secure, and Extensible

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Full Insider Threat Spectrum

The library contains over 400 threat scenarios that have been crowdsourced from customers, as well as from reputable sources such as NIST, CERT, and NITTF.

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Architecture – Scalable, Secure and Extensible Cloud-Native Platform

Our modern, API-driven architecture is designed for scalability, security, and flexibility, allowing for seamless deployment as SaaS or on-premise. It meets regional data sovereignty and privacy requirements and provides global deployment options with industry-leading access controls.

Prioritise And Act On Insider Security Threats With Real-Time Insight

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People-Centric User Risk Analysis

Correlate user activity, data interaction, and user risk in unified explorations and visualised as timeline-based views.

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Insider Threat Detection and Analytics

Detect data exfiltration, privilege abuse, application misuse, unauthorised access, risky accidental actions and other anomalous risky behaviour with an easy-to-use insider threat monitoring rules engine and common risk explorations

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Accelerate Insider Threat Response

Workflows and easy-to-understand evidence tailored for user-driven events that require collaboration with teams outside IT and across the digital productivity stack.