Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

The combined power of human and artificial intelligence resources to identify and halt sophisticated malware attacks

Heron Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service is executed by our proficient team of security analysts and bolstered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, continuously adapting to safeguard your digital assets from threats posed by cybercriminals leveraging zero-day vulnerabilities to unleash a barrage of ransomware assaults.

Benefits of Heron MDR Service

Traditional endpoint protection platforms (EPP) or antivirus solutions rely on signature-based technologies to thwart known threats. Unfortunately, they often fall short when confronted with unfamiliar threats, such as zero-day vulnerabilities that may be lurking within your network. Heron’s MDR service, on the other hand, excels at identifying and actively pursuing these elusive unknown threats.

Proactive Defence against Zero-Day Attacks

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Our SOC operators help you get ahead of attackers with early detection, investigation and response against known and unknown threats, leaving dormant threats with no room to hide.

Affordable & Competitively Priced

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Priced on pay-per-use basis, Heron MDR allows organisations of all sizes to acquire military-grade cybersecurity services without the need to incur high-fixed costs.

Tight Collaboration with Your Team

Heron MDR collaboration

Your IT team will benefit significantly from tight collaboration with Heron’s security analysts to identify, scrutinize, and counteract threats, giving you peace-of-mind to focus on running your business.

How Heron MDR Service Works

Heron Managed Detection and Response service equips you with the essential cybersecurity expertise required to identify, scrutinize, and counteract threats around the clock, every day of the year. Within the Heron security operations centre, our analysts and your IT team collaborate seamlessly, ensuring comprehensive visibility and expedited incident resolution through our shared responsibility approach. Our platform empowers your organisation to maintain control, enabling flexible levels of engagement with our analyst team during investigations and response efforts, facilitating real-time collaboration.

Comprehensive Protection

Heron MDR offers continuous, around-the-clock vigilance, proactively investigating and halting threats targeting your public cloud services, SaaS applications, identity systems, and network infrastructure.


Heron MDR seamlessly extends your IT operations, providing access to expert security analysts who are available around the clock, every day of the year, for investigations and prioritisation of alerts.

Enhanced Oversight

Distinguished from conventional MDR services, your IT team operate within the identical platform as our analysts, ensuring total visibility, control, and collaborative efforts in investigating and mitigating threats.

24×7 managed endpoint detection and response—powered by AI, delivered by Heron Managed Security Services

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Full alert management

All detections (low, medium, high severity) are investigated, analyzed and managed, without extra effort from your IT team.

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Rapid threat containment

Our SOC operators will respond against active threats by way of termination and removal of malicious files or processes, creation of blocking policies or by isolating the endpoints.

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Proactive threat hunting

Proactive threat hunting is powered by our threat intelligence and performed continuously by our SOC, which searches for potential indicators of attack and compromise.