Asset-Based Cyber Defence (ABCD)

Holistic Cyber Defence Managed Services

for SMEs, Co-Operatives, Social Service Agencies & Charities

As simple as ABC, Asset Based Cyber Defence (ABCD) is a holistic cyber defence solution curated by Singapore’s Cyber Security Agency (CSA), incorporating Cyber Essentials and Data Protection Essentials as defined by Singapore Authorities.

Heron is an authorised partner to deliver ABCD as a managed security service to address the cyber security challenges that SMEs face with increasing digitalisation, such as:

  • Limited visibility of IT assets and criticality to business
  • Difficulty in defending against zero-day attacks, ransomware, advanced malware and insider threats
  • Lack of cyber security resources to maintain 24 x 7 round-the-clock monitoring of critical assets and respond early to anomalies
  • Confused by an ever-expanding array of technology vendors
  • Lack of integration between technologies to detect cyber intrusion and data breaches early to minimise damages
  • Compliance with complex regulatory and customers requirements mandating the protection of private and commercially sensitive data

To encourage Singapore-based SMEs, co-operatives, social service agencies and charities to strengthen their cybersecurity resilience, grants are provided through relevant Government agencies and associations to offset the initial cost of acquiring ABCD services.

Aligned with Singapore’s Cyber & Data Protection Essentials

  • Know What Assets To Protect
    Identify and understand the cyber components of your organisation, and prevent unauthorised access
  • Prevent Unauthorised Software
    Implement application control integrated with anti-virus, and allow only authorised software to work
  • Timely Patching and Updating
    Patch and update systems timely to reduce known vulnerabilities and minimise exploitative attacks
  • Control Admin Privileges
    Restrict admin privileges and prevent attackers from exploiting illegal access
  • Detect Intrusions Early
    Detect intrusions and data breach early through continuous monitoring with audit trails and security logging
  • Protect Critical Data
    Avoid costly data leaks and theft by encrypting customers’ and critical business data

Holistic Protection Against Advanced Malware & Ransomware

In a Single Solution Package

ABCD Managed Services are delivered by Heron’s security analysts located in our Singapore Security Operations Centre (SOC). The technology stack is supported by IBM Security, SecureAge and Insider Security to provide these cutting-edge features utilising artificial intelligence and behavioural analysis:

  1. Digital Asset Tracking
  2. Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
  3. Advanced Malware & Zero-Day Attack Prevention
  4. Insider Threat Monitoring & Alert
  5. Application Whitelisting
  6. Threat Hunting
  7. CVE Tracking & Alerts
  8. Vulnerability & Patch Management
  9. Management & Compliance Report

Optional add-on features:

  1. Microsoft 365 Monitoring & Alert
  2. Cloud Server Monitoring & Alert
  3. File-Level Encryption

Working with our technology partners and other stakeholders, we are continuously updating the solutions and services to suit the developing cyber threat landscape and users’ requirements.

Heron Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Technology Partners

Benefits of ABCD Managed Services

  • Affordable
    Pay-per-device service that delivers world-class Singaporean cybersecurity capabilities
  • End-to-End Solution
    Achieve holistic protection against advanced malware and ransomware attacks without overspending on multiple products
  • Round-the-Clock Coverage
    Have peace-of-mind 24 x 7 while our cyber warriors fight behind the scenes to protect your assets
  • Demonstrate Compliance
    Support attainment of SG Cyber Essential and/or Data Protection Essential certification
  • Strengthen Your Brand
    Assure your customers that you care about their data, safety and business continuity
  • Minimise Cyber Value-at-Risk (CVaR)
    Limit your financial loss or regulatory penalty in the event of a cyber intrusion or data breach

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