We Are Heron

We are Singapore’s leading Cybersecurity & Digital Aviation company, committed to protecting connections between people and businesses against potential threats in everyday technology. From safeguarding against cybersecurity threats to building aviation infrastructure for public safety, Heron partners with clients to safely integrate technology into their operations.

The company’s innovative solutions enable businesses to move forward with confidence, secure in the knowledge that they are protected against emerging risks.

Our Expertise Is Rooted In Two Main Areas Of Specialisation

Aviation (UAS) Solutions

Heron specialises in developing sophisticated unmanned aircraft system traffic management technology and pioneering digital infrastructure development for aviation operations.

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Heron provides comprehensive defence against unseen threats such as data theft, financial crime, and operational disruption by offering a range of services, all tailored to adapt to an ever-changing digitalised world.

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Industries We Support For A Better World

Banking, Finance, Insurance & Securities


Transportation & Logistics

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Professional Services

Education cybersecurity

Education & Academic Research

Travel hotel hospitality cybersecurity

Travel & Hospitality

healthcare cybersecurity singapore


Our Credentials

Heron ISO27001 Cert Mark

Our Partners

Heron Sophos Partnership