Safeguarding Connections For Progress

Keeping You Safe In A Changing World

Heron partners with you to safely integrate technology into your operations, making the future of security and mobility a reality. Our agility as a future-forward tech company is your advantage in all the ways we define it— keeping you ahead with emergent technology, helping you pivot with changing regulations, adapting your systems as needs evolve and grow.

In The Air

Heron is an Unmanned Aircraft Systems or UAS pioneer in the Asia-Pacific region—actively developing complex technologies for UAS mission and traffic control, and one of few collaborating closely with aviation authorities in this part of the world.

We build next-generation airspace management and drone mission systems in strict compliance with global standards and regulations to ensure operational safety, security, and efficiency day in, day out.

With a vision of creating value for societies through autonomous technologies utilising low-level airspace, we capitalise on our cybersecurity expertise to deliver software and technologies built with a security-first mindset.

Across Cyberspace

We are your first line of defence against the unseen threats of data theft, financial crime, and operational disruption in an ever-more complex, interlinked, and digitalised world.

Trusted by high-trust organisations—government agencies, multinational companies, financial institutions, and critical service providers—we perform on a global level against high-risk cyber threats.

From advising on risk and compliance, and providing managed security services, to performing tests and audits, we deliver our vision of a secure cyber world for people and organisations to thrive and grow in. No matter how that world evolves, we position ourselves to always stay ahead: cybersecurity that works for you, changes with you.

Heron Is Here For You.

Led by military veterans, our team of specialists combines deep domain expertise and years of operational experience to protect the connections that move people and industry through the real and cyber worlds.

We are dynamic, flexible, adaptable, collaborative—right by your side yet always one step ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Securing the enormous promise of the digital world, Heron champions a safe and connected future.

Our Management Team

Ryan Lee

Group Chief Executive Officer

Angela Lee

Group Chief Operating Officer

Chua Eng Hock

Chief Information Officer & Director (Cyber Security Ops & Engineering)

Sean Lee

Director (Cyber Security Risk Advisory)

Fabrice Ancey

Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder (Heron AirBridge)

Sebastian Aldeco

Chief Technology & Product Officer (Heron AirBridge)

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