We are proud to be the digital aviation and UTM pioneers in Southeast Asia, researching and developing the technologies since 2018 to support CONOPS development, technology evaluation and proof-of-value projects in this region and beyond.

We are part of creating a new industry, ready to commercialise and scale with the growth of the global drone and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industries.

Key Projects

Heron Airbridge Origin

Research & Development of Baseline UTM suited for Singapore’s Urban Environment

This is the origin of AirBridge’s technology development. Between 2018 and 2021, Heron’s team researched and developed the core back engines of a baseline UTM system that addresses the unique characteristics of Singapore’s confined and constrained urban airspace. The project was co-funded under the Ministry of Transport’s Call-for-Proposal to develop innovative drone technologies in Singapore, and successfully completed with Southeast Asia’s first live demo of a UTM system.

Heron Airbridge AAM Vertiport UTM

Development of Concepts and Technologies to Enhance Passenger Experience in Vertiports

In anticipation of the introduction of urban air mobility in Singapore and other major cities in the next few years, we are developing concepts and technologies to provide efficient and safe flight planning of air vehicles between vertiports. This work is in collaboration with major vertiport technology developers to enhance the passenger experience, provide safety assurance and create positive experiences in this nascent industry.

UTM Research & Development Support to King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL)

Heron Airbridge is working with the King’s Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), a major research and educational institution based in Bangkok, Thailand, to spearhead the research and development of UTM concepts and technologies in Thailand. Heron AirBridge’s UTM lab at  KMITL’s International Academy of Aviation Industry (IAA) will be used to build up the local Thai expertise and capabilities required to develop UAS traffic management (UTM) concepts, technologies and services.

Development & Showcase of Satellite-Based Technology for the Safe Integration of Unmanned Aircraft

Heron AirBridge is part of Inmarsat’s Velaris Partner Network (VPN),  collaboratively working with Inmarsat and other VPN partners to develop regulatory and operational frameworks and technologies for the safe management of drones in urban environments and complex airspace. The ongoing work will combine Heron’s UTM expertise and technology with Inmarsat’s technology and services to how satellite-based technology can support the safe integration of unmanned aircraft into commercial airspace.

Maritime drone logistics operations ship supply

Development of Digital Infrastructure for Port and Maritime Drone Operations

We are working with the Singapore Association of Shipsuppliers and Services (SASS) and CWT Aerospace to streamline current workflows and develop dedicated infrastructure to exploit the true value of maritime drone deliveries. Heron is contributing towards the development and showcasing of digital infrastructure for drone mission planning, authority oversight and drone port operations.

Heron UTM Barcelona Drone Center

Airspace Management Services at Barcelona Drone Center

We are working with Barcelona Drone Center to test and deploy Airbridge as the platform to support 50 square kilometres of airspace that have been set aside for drone tests and trials. The aim is to enable site users to perform more complex BVLOS trials, enhance safety and optimise the use of the site as demand for drone test facilities increases.