Heron Technology Debuts the AirBridge drone management digital platform

Heron’s digital aviation team was back at the Maritime Drone Estate yesterday for the debut of our proprietary drone infrastructure platform – AirBridge. One year on from last year’s demonstration, we are thrilled to see concrete developments made in maritime ship-to-shore operations, as we work towards scaling up deliveries to vessels at anchorage.

AirBridge plays an important role in enabling large scale drone deployment to bring about true impact to the shipping and logistics industry. A low-altitude airspace infrastructure platform, AirBridge will allow for multiple drone flights to be managed simultaneously. The platform streamlines the operations process, to achieve a “one operator to many aircraft” mode of operations alongside other users of the airspace. Eventually, this will enable concurrent drone delivery services to multiple vessels at anchorage , while prioritising safety, security and reliability.

Thanks to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and our joint exhibitor Skyports for the opportunity to showcase AirBridge today!